FOLGAROLAS TEXTIL, S.A. founded in 1935, designs and manufactures its own fabric collections and global presence spans 20 countries.
We want to achieve sustainable high quality products. Our fabric collections are environmentally friendly and we are committed to work with suppliers and partners preserving the area business network and proximity.
We believe that prevents the climate change is not only an attitude, its our liability.
Our goal is to develop high quality current and sustainable products.

Our fabric collections respect the environment and our commitment is to work with suppliers and collaborators that allow us to preserve the industrial fabric of proximity.

Currently the initiatives that allow us to justify our environmental and social positioning are the use of responsible raw materials, both organic and recycled fibers, as well as using dyeing and finishing processes that consume less resources and without harmful chemicals that, in addition to preserving safety environmental, not harmful to health.

Cambra’s 2019 Award