MEN COLLECTIONSpring/Summer 2021


Our proposal for men 2021 spring/summer collection is based in the vegetal realm concept.

We get inspiration from forests, gardens and landscapes with lush vegetation. It is a tribute to the trees, the planet great lungs, and a commitment with environment.

We use recycled and organic materials to reduce harmful impact making fabrics safe for human health and environmentally friendly. With the GRS and OCS certifications we guarantee our products traceability and transparency.

Leaf textures and landscapes inspires our 2021 summer weaving and knitted fabrics collection.

We introduce organic microstructures, gabardine and poplins made with organic and recycled cotton and linen, both for blazer and trousers. With innovative finishes we achieve to create sartorial or casual looks, both in yarn dye threads, piece dyeing and sulphurous dyeing.

organic cotton