MAN COLLECTIONAutumn/Winter 20-21

AUTUMN/WINTER 20-21 men’s collection

Our Autumn/Winter 20-21 men’s collection is a reinterpretation of the concept of cotton to produce sportswear for a contemporary, sophisticated lifestyle.

Knit and weave fabrics in cotton, cotton mélange, cotton/elastane and cotton/wool, cashmere with microstructures and microprints, jacquards, thread dyeing (indanthrene dyes), piece dyeing, and innovative finishes which have allowed us to create a new sartorial concept.

organic cotton

Our autumn/winter 20-21 blazer collection is based on classic blazer fabrics in cotton and cotton/wool, cashmere, given a casual concept thanks to new dyes and finishes.

Cotton and cotton and organic cotton/wool blends, cotton/elastane, microstructures with look mélange, as well as classic fabrics with innovative finishes and sulphur dye.